Great Lakes Retreat Workshop – July 2015 2

I am very happy to be leading a workshop this summer at the Great Lakes Retreat in Olivet Michigan.  This wonderful residential retreat  offers a week of community, spiritual growth, healing and fun!

The Great Lakes Retreat
July 19-24, 2015

The class I’ll be presenting naturally evolved from my “Walking with the Goddess” retreats, where I explore the beauty of the Divine Feminine through archaeology, art, archetypes, myth and sacred symbols.   Now, I want to take those ancient threads and weave a modern pattern.

“Woman-Song: Weaving a Powerful Future, Holding a Sacred Past”

As healers, midwives, story-keepers, priestesses, warriors, matriarchs and tribal leaders – our female ancestors left us a legacy of power. We will embrace and rekindle that legacy, taking it forward.

Open the door to the secrets and mysteries of Womanhood.  Connect with your ancestresses and hear their guidance.  Discover the wealth of feminine skills and talents you hold within. Live every day standing strong, confident and radiant in your feminine power!

Save the dates, and join me there.

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    • debfloweringmoon Post author

      Hi! As soon as the registration information for the Great Lakes Retreat 2015 is available I’ll post a link here on my website. Should be soon. Looking forward to having you in the Goddess and “Woman Song” class.

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