Make Your Own Essential Oil Spray 1

An Essential Oil spray can clear and re-balance the energy of your home fast!

It is simple to make your own.


You will need:

A 2 oz bottle with a spritzer top, blue or brown glass

Spring water or distilled water

1 Tablespoon brandy

10-15 drops of essential oil – your choice*


First, be sure to sterilize your bottle.  When dry and cool, add brandy.  The brandy acts as a preservative and helps mix the oils with the water.   Brandy is most in tune with the oils, but you can also use white vinegar or vodka.   Next, add the water and your essential oils.  Be careful not to over-fill your bottle.

Some of my favorite essential oils for keeping the house clear of negative energy are:  lavender, rosemary, sage, spruce/pine, orange and grapefruit.

Essential oil sprays help clear and balance your home

Essential oil sprays help clear and balance your home


To use your essential oil spray:  Shake the bottle very gently before use.  Mist the room.  I start at the doorway and make a circle around the edge of the space, then mist the center.  You may also mist laundry or bedding.  I use essential oil misters on myself too, spraying my hair, clothes and body.

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If you’d rather buy an essential oil spray ready-made I highly recommend the ones offered by Alaskan Essences:  Purification, Guardian, Soul Support and Travel Ease are all on my list of favorites.


*please note the safety data for the essential oil(s) you choose to use since an air freshener or room spray will come in contact with all those in your household including pets.

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