Add to your spiritual knowledge and expand your creative spirit  in my workshops, classes and professional training – from beginning to advanced levels, you can learn to create sacred space with Space Clearing techniques or Feng Shui. Develop your intuition, work with your Animal Totems or explore the traditions of the Divine Feminine.

I offer classes in the Great Lakes region – Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.
Live somewhere else?  I’m happy to travel.  Get in touch!


Woman-Song ~ Weaving a Powerful Future, Holding a Sacred Past

How would your life be different if you felt more confident and more self-expressed? What would be possible if you no longer held back or played small? This weekend will change the way you see yourself as a woman and empower how you walk in the world.  It is a time to listen to the wisdom of the ancient Grandmothers and Ancestor-women.   Build your courage, give permission to your voice.

Learn more about Woman-Song – Retreat – August 25-17, 2017


Walking with the Goddess ~ A Sacred Journey with the Divine Feminine

Come with me on a powerful, healing journey with the Divine Feminine. Discover the ways Goddess reveals herself to you.  Follow the threads that connect her with women’s sacred traditions and learn her ancient symbols, stories, myths and rituals.  You’ll meet the Goddess in a meaningful and personal way and enrich this connection through guided meditation, ceremony, drumming, storytelling, dance and sacred art-making.

Learn More About Walking With The Goddess

aphrodisias ceremonial gate

Practical Intuition

Everyone has intuition. But do you listen to and understand the intuitive messages you receive? Do you rely on your intuition every day? This workshop will help you discover all the ways that you sense, feel and receive intuitive information.  Find out which intuitive senses you already utilize most. Understand how to interpret intuitive information and use your intuitive skills in safe, practical ways. Gain confidence in your intuition and learn to trust your inner guidance.  Leave with techniques to practice and ways to develop your intuitive senses.


Finding Your Animal Allies

Native cultures believe we have Animal Helpers to guide us through life. Some of these Animal Totems are with us from birth, others arrive with age or at critical times in our life. Are you aware of your totem animals? In this workshop or private session you will meet your primary totem. Understand how your totem/power animal communicates, what lessons, qualities and skills he/she offers you and how she can assist you every day.



Energize and balance any room using color, symbols, sacred sound, essential oils, flower essences, smudge with sage or other herbs. Connect with the power of nature and the Four Elements. Discuss numerology, clutter clearing or building a home altar. Learn to do a Home Blessing Ceremony. Learn how to use basic Space Clearing methods to purify, harmonize and heal your home. Let your home support you in every way and create more of what you desire – more peace, love, abundance, health, well-being or creativity.

Space Clearing Bell


Simple Space Clearing

Learn effective, simple Space Clearing techniques and cleanse negative, unwanted energy from your own home or office.  This hands-on workshops let you explore simple, safe methods to purify and balance your living environments.  Work with a variety of Space Clearing tools – bells, singing bowls, smudging and essential oils.  Be ready to create your own personal Space Clearing and House Blessing ceremony.


Feng Shui Fundamentals

Enjoy an introduction to the basic principles of Feng Shui – explore the Bagua, the Five Elements, Feng Shui color and Feng Shui in the bedroom, kitchen, office or garden. Work with your own floor plan; design your spaces to fully support your personal goals and intentions.


Ready for the next level?  Are you called to be a Space Clearing practitioner?  This intensive is for you…


Elemental Space Clearing – Practitioner Training

Open the door to ancient wisdom, powerful symbols and ceremony. Begin a powerful, inner journey as you prepare to do the sacred work of Home Blessing and Space Clearing for yourself and others.  You will activate your intuitive senses, expand your ability to perceive subtle energy and become a healer who brings the power of the Four Elements and Four Sacred Directions to every step of your Space Clearing and Sacred Space work.

In my professional level Space Clearing certification course, you will learn:

  • How to perform the steps of a Space Clearing Ceremony
  • House Blessing, Land Blessing, Foundation Blessing, Moving-in ceremony
  • Space Clearing techniques, tools, methods
  • Sacred Sound – bells, gongs, singing bowls, drums, rattles
  • Smudging – sage, cedar, sweetgrass, rosemary, frankincense, myrrh
  • Flower Essences
  • Essential Oils
  • Stones and Crystals
  • Celtic Wheel of the Year
  • Native American Medicine Wheel
  • Calling on the Power of Nature
  • The Four Elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth
  • Altars
  • Symbols
  • House Numerology
  • Working with Animal Totems and Home Guardians
  • Guided Meditation and Shamanic Journey
  • Creating a Healthy, Eco-friendly Home

As a Space Clearing practitioner you will practice techniques to purify and balance the energy of homes, offices or gardens.  Space Clearing methods are valuable for realtors, designers, architects, builders, teachers, practitioners of healing modalities and those in the medical field – useful to deepen your understanding of how environment affect our health, relationships, creativity, spirituality, learning and success.

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