Personal Coaching

Sometimes you need a guide who can see the path ahead more clearly than you can see it for yourself…someone to challenge limitations, beliefs and old thinking…someone who can do a little magic and be a catalyst for you to do BIG things!

I help you move in the direction of your soul’s joy and intuitive gifts. I want you to find wholeness and step into the fullness of who you truly are.   This kind of soul-work initiates healing and spiritual awakening.   It goes deep.

Intuitive Spiritual Coaching

One-on-one work with me can get you to the root of a problem, question or concern.  Are you at a crossroads?  Do you want to break free of the past?   Are you ready to make a big change?  I can help you:

  • identify and release blockages
  • release old patterns or trauma
  • expand your spiritual awareness
  • activate your intuition, develop your intuitive skills
  • feel more self-expressed
  • be more creative and productive
  • identify and get working on your dreams, goals and desires

This kind of soul coaching addresses any part of life – relationships, health, career, creativity or abundance. You will be able to move forward with more clarity, grace and power.

“I want to thank you again so much for the work you did with me in our session. It all continues to resonate. It turned out to be such crucial work for me. With your support and guidance I was able to catapult my continuing personal and spiritual development. Much gratitude, Jean

heron in the maumee riverWhen you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy     ~ Rumi



I often incorporate the power of ceremony and ritual…these are age-old ways of honoring life’s passages, shifting energy and focusing intention.  We can create a ceremony to celebrate an important milestone, mark a birthday  or to initiate a significant change.  Ceremony can also be used to release anger, pain or illness and aid in the healing process.


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic journey and guided meditation open a path to activate your intuitive senses and tap directly into your own inner knowledge.  You’ll receive important messages and insight from your Guides, Guardian Spirits and Totem Animals.


Goddess Guidance

We can also open the door to a powerful, healing journey with the Divine Feminine.

Answers to modern questions can be found in the mystical past when women were priestesses, shamans, herbalists, healers and midwives.  The ancient symbols, stories and sacred traditions of the Divine Feminine will empower and guide you.

Walking With The Goddess – More details


I offer private consultations in the Great Lakes region, USA – Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Perrysburg.  I can also work with you by phone or skype.