Harmony @ Home

Wholeness.  Balance.  Harmony.   A feeling of being nourished and comfortable.   A place to be productive and creative.

Let you home (or office) surround you in this kind of supportive energy.

All the objects, colors and textures in your home combine to create a reflection of your soul. The quality of the space around you impacts every area of life. Given this, even small changes can produce powerful results. By shifting or enhancing the energy of your home you can create more creativity, passion, partnership, abundance, peace, health, career opportunities…   To put it more simply – shift the energy, change your life!

“I long, as does every human being,
to be at home wherever I find myself.”
~ Maya Angelou 


We all want more Harmony @ Home


The Art of Space Clearing

Nearly every culture has rituals of purification and ways of blessing a home.

Space Clearing gently cleanses stagnant, unwanted or negative energy. Space Clearing techniques leave a room feeling purified, fresh and balanced -full of vitality and life.  There is a feeling of wholeness. The air feels lighter.  Colors are more vibrant.  The atmosphere is more peaceful. Old patterns are released and new patterns are integrated.

Space Clearing techniques help you…

  • feel more nurtured, grounded, balanced, comfortable and “at home”
  • remove energy patterns of previous occupants
  • increase vitality, health and a sense of well-being
  • enhance spiritual development and personal growth
  • create mental clarity, increase productivity, enhance creative flow
  • provide healing and calm

You should do a Space Clearing ceremony…

  • before and after any kind of healing work – massage, Reiki, yoga, surgery or medical recovery
  • to bless your home, as a Home Blessing, Land Blessing, Housewarming, or as a Moving-in or a Moving-out ceremony
  • before or after construction, to consecrate a new building site
  • during big changes or upheaval in your life
  • when you want to create positive change!
  • during important or difficult transitions such as having a baby, getting married or divorced, retirement, starting a new job, moving
  • any time there are periods of illness, grief, anxiety or prolonged stress


sage and feather 2

The Space Clearing ritual is used in homes, offices and outdoor spaces – gardens, plots of land, forest, even farms and barns. Space Clearing has been utilized in hospital settings and schools.  It works with other healing methods and also complements interior design and Feng Shui.

A Space Clearing ceremony prepares a “blank canvas” for you to create your life – you are the author and the artist.

I promise you a ritual that is beautiful and personalized.  The Space Clearing tools and methods are carefully selected for you and your home.

I may use essential oils, flower essences, Tibetan singing bowls, Balinese bells or drumming.  I may smudge with sage, cedar or other sacred herbs, or burn resins like frankincense and myrrh.  A consultation may also draw on sacred symbols, house numerology, clutter clearing, guided meditation or creating a home altar.

As the final part of the Space Clearing ceremony, we activate your personal intentions, goals and desires. Every room is blessed and infused with the energy you want to bring into your life:  peace, creativity, health, abundance, love…


“A ceremony to bless the home and the land is an ancient and valued tradition in many cultures.  I am honored to offer this sacred practice to you”


Feng Shui promotes a healthy flow of energy within a space and taps into the healing power of nature. Lighting, furniture placement, texture, color and symbols combine to create a meaningful palette for your life and offer a strong framework to accomplish your goals.

I offer consultations in the Great Lakes region USA: Michigan, Indiana and Ohio (Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Perrysburg).  And, I am always willing to travel.   Contact me to discuss your needs

I also offer  Workshops and classes to learn more about Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Home Blessing

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