Goddess Retreats

Are you feeling a need to re-center and renew your spirit? Do you crave ceremony and community?  Are you ready to step into your feminine power and unfold the beauty that is your true nature?

Join me for a spiritual retreat.

My greatest joy is watching a woman transform before my eyes!  To sit in circle with you in a small intimate group, to do ceremony together, to delve into deep, liminal work is truly a gift.

Walking with the Goddess is an initiation into the heart of the ancient traditions, symbols and stories of the Divine Feminine. You’ll open a gateway to a depth of feminine wisdom and experience a powerful spiritual awakening.  Goddess will guide, protect and inspire you every day –  she’ll weave her magic in every part of your life.

Woman-Song explores the connection between Goddess and women.  We consider the role of women in our culture and cut through layers of limiting patterns and beliefs.  See yourself – and other women – as divine, powerful, creative beings possessing valuable skills and talents.  If you are looking for a breakthrough in life – in your job, as a mother, as a teacher, healer or artist – this work will be the catalyst.

The work we do reclaims an ancient, sacred past that belongs to us as women.  This past lights the way forward, empowering your future.

The material of these two courses dovetails together – but one is not a prerequisite for the other.

  My Next Goddess gathering Summer 2018  – June 15-17
Registration details coming soon!


Women’s Retreats ~ Summer Solstice ~ Autumn Equinox

  • Align with the rhythms of Nature, the Four Elements and Sacred Seasons
  • Learn to work with the flowers, herbs, trees and totem animals sacred to the Goddess
  • Discover the ways Goddess reveals herself to you – learn her archetypal forms
  • Learn the Language of the Goddess – understand the messages in her sacred signs and symbols
  • Awaken your creative spirit
  • Claim your power, voice, body and intuition
  • Receive insight and messages through guided meditations
  • Healing Blessing
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Drumming circle
  • Labyrinth walks


Women Reflecting the Divine Feminine

There is a long-forgotten, mystical past that includes the Goddess – a past where women held honored roles as priestesses, shamans and tribal leaders.  The Sacred Feminine was worshiped for thousands of years.  But, even now, her presence remains and her voice is strong.  Her sacred symbols and holy traditions can bring inspiration into your life every day.

Learn more about Walking with the Goddess – a Sacred Journey with the Divine Feminine

Why a retreat?

A retreat allows you to pause and take a step back from your everyday life.  Away from distraction, you can focus on your own healing and spiritual growth.  You gift yourself time.  In a beautiful natural setting, you can listen to the voice of the Divine Feminine and to the whisperings of your own soul.

My retreats are limited to a small circle of women, so your experience will be personal, private  and I can give you more one-on-one attention.

inn rustic gate labyrinth 4

Our Retreat Location – a Cozy Inn in Michigan

The Inn at the Rustic Gate is one my favorite places to host a course.  The Inn is a green facility about seven miles from Big Rapids, Michigan (north of Grand Rapids).  You are surrounded by 150 acres of woodlands, wetlands, rolling meadows, a lake and several small ponds.  A morning walk can bring you up close with herons, deer, woodpeckers, hawks, owls, beaver and other wildlife.  At night,  you can often hear the voices of loons or coyotes.  The land is truly healing and supports your growth and learning.

There is a large labyrinth on-site to walk.  And several hiking trails.   Afternoon breaks can be spent on the shady porch or a swing by the pond.

Your private room is beautiful, restful and luxurious.  Delicious healthy meals are made with locally sourced ingredients, and lovingly prepared by the inn’s resident chef.  The Inn’s Website