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Travel is one of my passions and once in a while, I’ll invite you to join me!  Our journey will include guided meditations, ritual and ceremony, poetry, journaling and storytelling.  You’ll be immersed in the symbols, traditions and holy places of the Sacred Feminine.

I offer exclusive private tour groups with a customized itinerary of my own creation – all based on years of experience in these places.  This won’t be a bus tour with a big group.  Space is limited to 8-10 guests so you have a personalized, intimate and authentic experience.  It is a pilgrimage of the heart.  A journey of spirit.

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Art and Architecture of the Divine Feminine

Discover ancient places of pilgrimage – visit temples, labyrinths, cathedrals, crypts and relics.

chartres labyrinth deb 2017

Walking the famed labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, France

When I travel, I find it is important to have the flexibility of time so we can linger where we like.   We take time for ceremony.  I’ll incorporate myth and magic.  You’ll be able to peel back the layers and go deep into the energy of these places.



In Western and Central Turkey there is a long history of reverence for the Divine Feminine – the Goddess was honored here as Artemis, Aphrodite, Athena, Demeter and Cybele.

In more ancient times, the Great Mother of Anatolia was a protective force. She watched over the grain harvest, bee hives and bread ovens; she nourished the fertile landscape.

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An Anatolian Goddess Pilgrimage

Let me show you the beauty of western Turkey – ancient cities and temples, dramatic landscapes and some of the most incredible art and architecture in the world.  Get off the beaten path, savor the food, the music and the warmth and generosity of the Turkish people.

We’ll begin our journey in the towns of Alacati and Selcuk (near the harbor town of Kusadasi) as we explore the western Turkish coast, overlooking Greece.  Then we’ll spend several days in the exotic city of Istanbul.

Start by falling in love with Alacati, a charming town on the Aegean coast known for its architecture, olive groves and vineyards.  Take in a relaxing day of art galleries, shops and street-side cafes.  Or, you could go to the beach and soak in the turquoise waters.

Spend several days touring the countryside as we visit graceful Greek and Roman ruins at Aphrodisias, Priene, Dydima and Miletos.  See the secret chamber of the Oracle.  Visit temples of Athena, Artemis and Aphrodite – among the towering columns it is easy to imagine the music, dance and rituals once performed in these holy places.  We will offer our own ceremony and take time for private prayer and meditation with the Goddess.ceremonial gate aphrodisias 2

Walk the smooth stone streets of Ephesus, the best-preserved classical city in the Mediterranean.  See the Library of Celsus, the great amphitheater and Roman-era terrace houses with intricate floor mosaics, columned courtyards and painted walls.

Visit the site of the great Temple of Artemis – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  Experience the creative, life-giving power of Artemis – her presence is still easily felt here.

Pray at the shrine of Meryemana, the house of Mother Mary in the mountains above Ephesus; gather healing water from the sacred spring there.

Wade in the cascading travertine pools of Pamukkale

Enjoy the exotic side of Istanbul as you wander through the shops of the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Spice Market.

Visit the great churches and mosques of Istanbul, in particular, the Rustem Pasha mosque, the Blue Mosque with its famed blue ceramic tiles, and the Hagia Sophia church with its soaring golden dome and stunning mosaics.  The “Church of the Holy Wisdom” is one of the finest architectural works in the world, dedicated to Sophia – the radiant, feminine aspect of God and the generative Breath of Life.

See Topkapi palace and the ornate harem rooms.  Explore the treasures in the archaeological museum. Also, visit the cistern below the city where the Snake Goddess Medusa awaits.

temple of athena at priene

Throughout the tour you’ll sample fresh, delicious local foods.  We’ll take time to appreciate the culture and artistry of the Turkish people.  And what trip would be complete without shopping? You will find handicrafts, copper and silver, ceramics, amber, leather goods, needlework, spices, perfume oils, hand-made Turkish carpets and kilims.  There will also be time to enjoy a traditional Turkish Bath, if you like!

I am especially passionate about the Goddess history in Turkey.

More than 8000 years ago, the Great Mother of Anatolia was pictured as a woman seated on a throne; beside her are two leopards and it appears that she is giving birth. Other Goddess figurines are painted with stripes like bees; marks that remind me of dripping honey. The many-breasted Artemis of Ephesus is similarly decorated with flowers, fruit, bees, bulls, and symbols of nature. This feeling of fertility and abundance is everywhere in Turkey.

I have traveled to Turkey many times, and each time, I feel as if I’ve come home.  I am nourished at a soul level.  This land calls to me, and I am drawn back again and again.

In future trips I also plan to visit Catal Hoyuk in Konya and the Museum of Anatolian Civilization in Ankara.

*No tour dates are currently scheduled for Turkey but please let me know if you’d like to go on our next trip and I’ll make sure you receive an invitation.