Home Blessing and Smudge Ritual Kit

Many cultures believe in the power of smudging ceremonies and using sacred herbs to cleanse and purify their living spaces, belongings and themselves. It is a time-honored tradition that is simple and effective.

After receiving requests from clients and friends, I created a smudging ritual kit that gives you everything you need to smudge and purify your home.

In gathering all the elements for this ritual box, I hand select every item for quality and beauty, positive energy and purpose.  I worked with a potter to create the smudge bowl. I sourced the most incredible sage (with lavender) I have ever encountered!  I made the goose feather fans with wood handles – shaped, sanded and coated with a layer of beeswax. And, I crafted the Balancing Spray to match the sage.

The vibration of each item has been brought into alignment with all the others. Everything works together in a harmonious way to support deep purification and healing.

In your box you will get…

  • Sage and lavender smudge bundle
  • Hand-thrown pottery smudge bowl
  • Hand poured beeswax candle
  • Goose feather fan
  • Balancing Spray with sage and lavender, 2 ounce
  • Detailed instructions for how to purify and bless your spaces

Each item carries its own unique healing properties and symbolism…

  • Both sage and lavender have qualities that cleanse, purify and heal. Lavender is also balancing and calming. Herbs represent the Earth element.
  • Beeswax symbolizes sweetness, joy and productivity; candles represent the Fire element.
  • Feathers smooth, lighten and uplift energy. The goose feather calls on the healing and cleansing power of the Water element, and the inspiration and new beginnings symbolized by the Air element. It also reflects the water birds which are sacred to the Divine Feminine – Aphrodite, Brigid, Sarasvati and Artemis – and symbolize her creative, fertile and life-giving energy.
  • Pottery represents the Earth and Fire elements; it reminds us that we have the power to shape our lives.

Clear the old. Welcome the new. Spread blessings!

This particular Home Blessing Smudge set was created with spring cleaning in mind, to support the renewal and rejuvenation of your home. But, the kit will also be useful if you are moving into a new house, if you are beginning a new chapter in your life or are about to make a big change.  Or, maybe it is just time to clear away some old negative energies or patterns.

Your Home Blessing Smudge kit contains enough supplies to cleanse and bless any size home. There is enough for several uses.


You might wonder… why do I recommend using a ceramic smudge bowl instead of a shell? Well, there are several reasons for this.

  • Although they are very popular, abalone shells were not traditionally used for smudging by every culture or tribal group. In some regions, pottery is preferred. Other containers have included animal skulls, stone and cast iron.
  • A smudge bundle can get very hot. Heat can damage and burn a shell causing it to blacken or even break. Abalone is precious and some types are endangered – so in my ceremonies I prefer to use these beautiful shells in other ways.
  • Shells can transfer heat; a fire-proof bowl with sand at the bottom is more secure.
  • Some shells have holes that can allow ashes to fall – this just isn’t practical when you’re smudging your home. A bowl will safely catch any hot cinders and avoid damaging your altar, furnishings or floors.
  • And, for all the above reasons, I would NEVER recommend using a shell to burn a charcoal disc.


Sacred Tools

When you receive your ritual kit, give yourself some quiet time as you unbox it. Go slowly. Take in the fragrance and texture of each item. Breathe in the sweetness of the beeswax, the depth of the sage and lavender. Sit for a while with your bowl and feather. Hold them and welcome them as Sacred Tools. The more you connect with your smudge tools, the more they will become an extension of your energy and intent.

As always, if you have questions…get in touch!

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