I love spending hours shopping at traditional markets around the world – from France to Thailand to Bali.  And, I really love to share my finds with you.  I personally select items like silk textiles from Thailand and Laos, bells from Bali and porcelain Kwan Yin statues…all perfect for enhancing your home decor, making Feng Shui adjustments or for use in Space Clearing ceremonies.

Other offerings on this page are things I create myself:  organic lavender, ceremonial rattles, Spirit Dolls, photographs and artwork.  Stop by once in a while and see what is new here!



I grow several kinds of lavender as organically as possible, with no chemicals or pesticides.  Harvesting is done by hand in harmony with the moon, stars, solstices and equinoxes.  A small scoop is about a 1/4 cup, a medium scoop is about half a cup and the large is a bit over 3/4 cup.


Hand-woven Textiles – Silk and Cotton

You can wear these hand-woven textiles from Thailand and Laos or use them as an elegant table runner.  These silks are beautiful as altar cloths and I love using them during Space Clearing ceremonies.   As a color enhancement they quickly shift the energy of a room.  I choose each one individually based on quality, beauty, design and color.

These are one of a kind hand-woven pieces with decorative patterns or borders.  I consider color, dye (natural or chemical), fiber, weaving methods, tribal group, symbols.

Thai Silk with decorative borders for scarf, shawl, table runner, altar cloth

Thai Silk with decorative borders







One of a kind handwoven Thai Silk shawl/scarf with natural dye from flowers and leaves.

Thai Silk Scarves are soft, light weight, hand-dyed in a wide range of solid colors  14×64″



kwan yin green standing close sm

Kwan Yin Statues

Kwan Yin Statues

The Mother of Compassion, Kwan Yin is often show holding a jar filled with her own tears – a healing elixir that she pours out to ease the suffering of the world. These lovely porcelain statues will grace your altar, healing space or meditation room.  Green or white, standing or seated.





Balinese Space Clearing Bells

bali bell 1

Balinese Bells

These ceremonial bells come from a master bell maker in Bali – they are crafted in a sacred way and have a pure, resonant vibration.  Each bell is personally selected – I listen to the bell’s unique sound: strike note, over-tones, volume and resonance, choosing the bells that will be most effective for Space Clearing, ceremony, meditation, energy healing and chakra balancing.

*currently out of stock *





 Spirit Dolls

spirit doll april 2012 indigo

Spirit Dolls

One of a kind personal talismans, my Spirit Dolls were originally inspired from the story of Vasalisa the Brave, in the book “Women Who Run With The Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  Made with organic cotton and decorated with semi-precious stones and crystals, beads, wool, tribal hemp, bits of silk and sacred herbs.   She is a magical companion. Sleep with her, dream with her, keep her in your pocket and listen to her wisdom.


Three Spirit Dolls decorated with silk, stones and crystals