Goddess Retreats

Held, nourished, healed and loved – this is what it means to be connected with the Goddess.  She sees your beauty and tends your inner flame. She wraps you in her infinite embrace.   With Goddess as our guide, I invite you enjoy two soul-nourishing courses …

Walking with the Goddess takes you into the heart of the ancient traditions, symbols and stories of the Divine Feminine.  Discover how Goddess speaks to you and how she will guide, protect, strengthen and inspire.  Open a gateway to a depth of feminine wisdom and experience a sense of spiritual wholeness as Goddess weaves her magic in your daily life.

Woman-Song explores the role of women in our culture and cuts through layers of limiting patterns and beliefs.  See yourself and other women as divine, powerful, creative beings with talents that the world dearly needs right now.  If you are looking for a breakthrough in life – in your job, as a mother, as a teacher, healer or artist – this work will be the spark.  The conversation lights the way forward while it shines light on an ancient, sacred past that belongs to women and the Goddess.

The material of these courses dovetails together – but one is not a prerequisite for the other so you can take whichever calls to your spirit first!


Join me AUGUST 25-27 for the Woman-Song retreat 
Are you feeling a need to re-center and renew your spirit? Do you crave ceremony and community? In August come relax in the woodlands of Michigan for a delicious spiritual weekend.

Learn more about Walking with the Goddess – living in alignment with the Divine Feminine

Women’s Retreats ~ Summer Solstice ~ Autumn Equinox

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Come to the lush woodlands of the Midwest where you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a time of spiritual discovery and inner growth.  Celebrate the radiant, expansive energy of the Summer Solstice or the balanced healing of the Fall Equinox.  Take time to rest, muse, recharge and discover the power of ancient symbols, mystical stories, art and sacred women’s traditions.

  • Align with the rhythms of Nature, the Four Elements and Sacred Season
  • Meet the flowers, herbs, trees and totem animals sacred to the Goddess
  • Discover the ways Goddess reveals herself to you in all her archetypal forms
  • Learn the Language of the Goddess – unlock the messages of her sacred signs and symbols
  • Awaken your creative spirit
  • Claim your place as a Woman of Power
  • Guided meditations
  • Healing Blessing
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Drumming circle
  • Labyrinth walks


Women Reflecting the Divine Feminine

There is a long-forgotten, mystical past that includes the Goddess – a past where women held honored roles as priestesses, shamans and tribal leaders.  The Sacred Feminine was worshiped for thousands of years.  But, even now, her presence remains.  Her ancient symbols and holy traditions can bring wisdom and inspiration into your life now, every day.

Leave here with the Goddess standing beside you – She will be your ally, your guide and your teacher.   Carry within you all of her strength, beauty and wisdom.

Why a retreat?  What about an online class?  A retreat allows you to pause and take a step back from your everyday life.  Away from distraction, you can focus on your own healing and spiritual growth.  You gift yourself time to listen to the voice of the Divine Feminine and to the whisperings of your soul.


A cozy retreat location in Michigan

The Inn at the Rustic Gate is our home for the weekend.  This beautiful sanctuary is  the perfect setting to experience the joy of the Goddess in an intimate, small group. The Inn is a green facility just seven miles from Big Rapids, Michigan (north of Grand Rapids), situated on 150 acres of woodlands, wetlands, rolling meadows, walking trails and a private pond.  You will enjoy the comfortable rooms and savor delicious healthy meals made with locally sourced ingredients, lovingly prepared by the inn’s resident chef.  The Inn’s Website