So, it seems we’re all in new territory without a map. Life has changed, and it won’t go back to “the same”.  In some way, every single one of us will be touched by this virus. Changes to work, school, shopping, eating out – heck we’re even thinking about which songs to sing while we wash our hands.

One thing I don’t want to do right now is add to the “noise” on social media. I want to offer you things that are truly supportive and give you choices about what to take in. This means I’ll be creating more content for you on my Patreon page.  This is a cozy, private online gathering space I recently created.

On my list right now are videos or audio on:

– making your spaces more cozy, mindful and supportive
– using the best methods to smudge and purify yourself and your spaces
– guided meditations for relaxation, sleep, healing and protection
– ritual and Goddess-centered practices
– navigating this time as an Empath or Intuitive
– keeping your balance and doing good self-care

Here is the link

I’ll be adding to this list as you tell me what you’d find most helpful.

For right now I’m making all content available at the “Curious Fox” tier – that means anyone can access all of what I create for just $5 per month. Please join me – and help me spread the word to others who would benefit.

Be well.
Sending you lots of love

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