How do you know when an experience has touched you at a soul level and left you changed forever?  One clue – you can’t seem to talk about it.  It is hard to find the right words.  Events are too precious to share, feelings too personal to expose.

My pilgrimage to visit the Goddess sites of western Turkey this past spring was one of those experiences.

Returning home, I struggled to describe the insights, the depth of healing, and the sweet grace that touched my heart so many times on this sacred journey. Normal language could not explain the powerful stream of wisdom I felt flowing through these ancient places. A blog post seemed insufficient. Even my photos seemed lacking.

Finally after several months, I feel the experience has nested within me. Integrated. Rooted. It is easier to share now.

So, I’m writing a brief two-part travel diary.  The first part is of the southern Turkish countryside near Ephesus. The second of Istanbul.

I have traveled to Turkey many times before. This trip was particularly special because I had a chance to share it with others. Eight women toured with me on a private guided journey to the sacred sites of the Goddess – Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite-Ishtar, Sophia, Medusa, Cybele, Mother Mary and the ancient Mother I call Ana. We met the Divine Feminine at her temples, altars, sacred springs and mountains. Her symbols were everywhere. Her presence was easily felt. We stood where the Great Goddess had been worshiped for thousands of years.

It was like coming home.


stones and poppies



Like pilgrims of antiquity
who braved all manner of travail
making their way to Jerusalem
and back,
I travel to the
Holy Land
of my Goddess.

I put my feet on land that sings
with her praises.

A land of milk, honey and olive oil.
A land that flows with sweetness and power.
A land that cradles the ancient foundations,
soaring columns,
and marble slabs that once were altars.
A land where Ceremonial Gates
hold open the pathway to the temple
of my Goddess.

There is a past here
I can touch
and hear
and see.

Here, my faith
has foundations
of stone.

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