Woman-Song: Weaving a Powerful Future, Holding a Sacred Past
Weekend Retreat
Big Rapids Michigan
August 25, 26, 27, 2017

I want you to know this:  You are perfect. You are strong, intuitive and beautiful.

I also realize there are things that get in the way of you remembering.

Ask yourself: How would your life be different if you felt more confident and more self-expressed?  Think about those times when you want to do or say something but you stop.  Or those times when you pull back or hesitate.  What would be possible if you no longer held back or played small?

This weekend is about empowering your most authentic, creative and passionate self.   In a setting that is cozy, nourishing and a little bit wild, this is a sacred pause – a time to listen to the wisdom of your ancestor-women, to free your voice and fuel your courage.

Reclaiming Your Sacred Past as Women

As midwives, storytellers, priestesses, warriors, matriarchs and tribal elders…  our female ancestors left us a legacy of power. Women were once respected and held roles of great honor. Their ancient wisdom was hidden and kept safe for us to find. There is magic in their recipes and rituals, songs and symbols. They left us hints in their embroidery and clues in the fairy tales they told.

Connect with this powerful lineage, reclaim it and bring it forward so you can use it now in the modern world – in your every day life.

  • Find out what messages the Ancestor-women have for you
  • Explore how your power is given away, stolen or silenced; unravel these patterns and move past them for good
  • Gain insight through art, music, ritual, storytelling and guided meditations
  • Gather with other women in ceremony, connection and community
  • Discover how the wisdom of the Goddess and our Wise Grandmothers flow through you and every woman
  • Have more freedom as a woman and feel more radiant and confident!

The unique talents, skills and qualities we have as women are needed now more than ever.  I invite you to fully stand in your power and see yourself for the intuitive, courageous, perfect woman you really are.  Recognize your strength and be unapologetic about using it.

Our Delicious Retreat Location:
I know you’ll fall in love with the Inn at the Rustic Gate in Big Rapids Michigan. I have been holding classes here for more than 8 years and it is a joy to return every summer. I love the way the land rises up to meet you and supports learning and deep healing.  There are walking trails, a lake and marshland, a beautiful labyrinth and lots of incredible wildlife.  The food is prepared with love and fresh local ingredients by the resident chef.  The guest rooms are cozy and full of luxury.



Space at the Inn is limited so register early.
Tuition is $525 for the weekend (includes lodging for Friday and Saturday, meals, class time and all materials)

*rooms are shared (if you would like a private room I will put you on a waiting list. There is an additional cost)
**a non-refundable deposit of $125 will reserve your seat


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