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The Joys of Paris! France, Part 1

Finally I have time to write about my travels in Paris this past fall and share some photos.  It was truly a joy to be there again.   The city is filled with beauty in so many ways.  There is so much to love - historic architecture, awe-inspiring Gothic cathedrals,...

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Synchronize Your Life to the Rhythms of the Earth

Do you crave a more peaceful way of life?  Want to feel more balanced?  Or perhaps you aim to be more energized, productive or creative? Look to the Earth and mirror her rhythmic cycles. The movements of nature have become my clock and my calendar.  At various...

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A New Year

As you think about the year ahead...   Do not worry about your size or shape. Do not resolve to diet. Instead lose fear and shed limiting beliefs. Demolish what holds you back. Resolve to fully use your power and talents. Master a new skill. Champion a worthy cause....

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Stones and Crystals For Calm Balanced Energy

In stressful times, when the energy around me is unsettled and chaotic, I reach for my Stone People. Crystals and stones can clear negative energy and help you stay grounded and calm.  Keep them in your pocket, place them where you work or sleep, hold them as you...

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