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Summer Solstice Lavender

My first bundles of lavender have been cut and are hanging to dry. This season I'm doing a few with wheat - the "Abundance Blessing Bundles".  I did the first harvest this year on the Summer Solstice.  It was magnificent energy!  One one side the Solstice sunset was...

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My Growing Oak Openings Prairie

In the late spring, I added a few new flowers to my Oak Openings native prairie.  This gorgeous yellow Prairie Coneflower is one of them.  She happily took up with a Black-eyed Susan and a clump of Little Bluestem for company.  They're having a wonderful summer...

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Sacred Travel: Taking the Risk

As a seasoned traveler, I have often visited places where it would have been advisable not to go... as a solo traveler or a couple it is easy to do if you are cautious and aware. This isn't always the case for a group. As many of you know, one of my favorite travel...

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Nexus Pipeline vs. The Oak Openings

One of most beautiful places in Ohio is under threat - the Oak Openings region. Home to a third of Ohio's rare, native species, this area is filled with forest, wetlands, wet prairie, open meadow, glacial sand dunes and rare oak savanna. A recent resource report shows...

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Goddess as Queen Bee – Artemis of Ephesus

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kim Wilborn of Guardian Gateway as part of the "Celebrate the Goddess" series.  Over 20 wonderful teachers offered mini-classes to help you discover ways to bring the magic of the Divine Feminine into every area of...

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Oak Openings, Pipelines and the Work of a Matriarch

If you've been following me on Facebook, then you know about the pipeline. Since last October, things have been a whirl of activity as I've been working to organize grass-roots opposition to a huge gas pipeline that has been proposed here in Ohio. The Nexus pipeline...

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