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Animal Totem Messages: Yellow Jackets and Red Squirrels

Last month my house was swarming with yellow jackets. I'm terrified of anything that flies and stings so this was not fun at all. First they were nesting in the eves of the roof.  Then they decided to build a second nest under the siding next to a water spigot. They...

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Make Your Own Essential Oil Spray

An Essential Oil spray can clear and balance the energy of your home fast!  Depending on the essential oils you choose, it can be uplifting or soothing, creative or calming.  You can use your spray during Space Clearing, purification rituals, home blessings or any...

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Clear Negative Energy in Your Home FAST!

Feeling anxious, tired, bummed out or just a little blah?  Just like dust on furniture or cobwebs in corners, negative energy can build up in the home over time.  So, here are a few quick and easy tips for removing negative energy and keeping your home feeling...

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Summer Solstice Lavender

My first bundles of lavender have been cut and are hanging to dry. This season I'm doing a few with wheat - the "Abundance Blessing Bundles".  I did the first harvest this year on the Summer Solstice.  It was magnificent energy!  One one side the Solstice sunset was...

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My Growing Oak Openings Prairie

In the late spring, I added a few new flowers to my Oak Openings native prairie.  This gorgeous yellow Prairie Coneflower is one of them.  She happily took up with a Black-eyed Susan and a clump of Little Bluestem for company.  They're having a wonderful summer...

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Sacred Travel: Taking the Risk

As a seasoned traveler, I have often visited places where it would have been advisable not to go... as a solo traveler or a couple it is easy to do if you are cautious and aware. This isn't always the case for a group. As many of you know, one of my favorite travel...

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