On Becoming A Goddess

Sometimes I read things on the internet and realize I would probably make a lot more money and have a wider audience if I wrote things like “Become a Warrior Goddess in 30 Days” or “Find Out Which Greek Goddess is Your Guide”.  I see people calling themselves a “Money...

A Soul Journey – Introduction

How do you know when an experience has touched you at a soul level and left you changed forever?  One clue – you can’t seem to talk about it.  It is hard to find the right words.  Events are too precious to share, feelings too personal to expose. My...


Softness. Grasses and goldenrod Held in a timeless simplicity Along the pasture fence. Stillness. The air is blue and heavy Hushed like a whispering mother With a new storm coming.  

Winter Stillness

  Stillness. Peace. No sound other than the crackle of new ice.

Birch Bones

  Deer tracks in the sand, and pebbles in the dirt mark the path. “Here is the way to go”. Blue Heron rises over the marsh as if to say “follow me”, “fly”. Painted Turtle in the grass says “slow down” and...

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