Feeling anxious, tired, bummed out or just a little blah?  Just like dust on furniture or cobwebs in corners, negative energy can build up in the home over time.  So, here are a few quick and easy tips for removing negative energy and keeping your home feeling balanced, fresh, clean and clear.


Get Rid of House “Litter”

Take 5 minutes and throw away any stuff lying around like candy wrappers, old catalogs, junk mail, receipts you don’t need…   Tossing these instantly uplifts your home and clears your mind.

Next, repair or remove anything broken.  These things may not be worth holding onto and they can block your progress in life.  They can create frustration and feelings of lack.  All that can contribute to negative energy in the home.


Air it all out!

Open your doors and windows.  Let the fresh air circulate.  Any staleness will disappear.  Fresh air brings with it new energy and new possibility.  Negative energy goes out with the breeze.  You can also air blankets, pillows and even pieces of furniture.   I have a few items that regularly get refreshed in the sun out on the deck.


Essential Oils

Scent is a powerful thing.  And, essential oils pack all the healing power of plants into a tiny bottle.  Essential oils can be diffused, they can be added to a bowl of water or put into a spray bottle with water.   Some of the best essential oils to use in the home for clearing unwanted, stagnant or negative energy are lavender, rosemary, sage, orange and grapefruit.

You can also add essential oils to your cleaning routine – I like to put 3-5 drops in my water bucket when I’m cleaning.

Make your own essential oil spray


Essential oils, stones and crystals help rid your home of negative energy

Essential oils, stones and crystals help rid your home of negative energy


Clean Doors and Windows

Keep doors and windows clean because they are the entry into the home for outside energy.   Everything passes through your doorways – good and bad.  To keep these threshold areas purified you can mix 3 cups of water, a pinch of salt, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 5-10 drops of essential oil.  Use this to wash doors, door knobs, locks and even windows.


Ring a Bell

The sound and vibration of a bell can instantly clear and enhance the energy of a room.  You can use any bell as long as the sound is pleasing, sweet and harmonious.  This is a must.  A discordant bell will create discordant energy (seems kind of logical, yes?).   Ring your bell any time the energy in your space feels dull or heavy.


Utilize the Healing Power of Stones and Crystals

All stones connect you to the Earth.  And, each stone carries its own unique healing qualities.

For example, Rose Quartz activates loving, compassionate energy and gently balances the emotions.  Jade is soothing and calming.  Black Tourmaline can help you feel grounded and protects from negative energy.    Fluorite can improve concentration and mental clarity.


Mirror Beauty

Position any mirrors to reflect beautiful exterior views, art, books or favorite objects.  Mirrors are a great way to enhance natural light and bring in more color.  Mirrors that reflect nature can help increase vibrant, healthy energy in the home.

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