Clutter Clearing

A Free Mini-Workshop with Deb Swingholm

Every culture has unique traditions for renewing, refreshing and purifying our living spaces – and a first step in any purification ritual is to clear any built-up clutter. This email series is a chance to do some simple, stress-free de-cluttering.

While it might be a very popular subject currently, the idea of clutter clearing your whole house can feel a little overwhelming. Yes?

In this series, you’ll get 7 emails from me that guide you through a practical, easy process.  

Whether you are a beginner or a clutter-clearing expert, this is a heart-felt approach you’ll enjoy.   With just a few minutes a day you will create more clarity, infuse more beauty into your home and get yourself moving towards more abundance, self-care, creativity and confidence.

Clearing clutter isn’t about minimalism. It isn’t about filling 30 bags in 30 days. It isn’t necessarily about being organized.  And clutter clearing isn’t about the amount of “stuff” you have.  It is more about whether the objects in your home support you or drain you.  It is about your relationship with the things you own and the energy those items give or take.

Are you ready?  Sign up below and let’s get started…

Lighten up and brighten up!

Clarify and beautify!


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