Mystic Moon

An Online Workshop with Deb Swingholm

Have you ever wondered how to work with the phases of the moon? 

Do you know how to use the moon to empower what you’re up to?   What lunar phases give you the most creative juice? Which phase of the moon to use for releasing? (probably not the one you think)  How can you use the moon cycles to feel more balanced, productive and “in the flow”?

Find out!

This 6 week video series helps you connect with the lunar cycle in a deeper way.  I’ll guide you through the changes of lunar energy and you will discover how you naturally respond to each phase. 

Experience a more fluid way of balancing work and rest.  Feel supported, energized and more productive.  Stop feeling like you are swimming upstream!  

You’ll discover how the moon’s natural ebbs and flows support your health and self-care, intuition, creative projects, productivity and accomplishing your goals.

Along the way, enjoy some moon-gazing and musing.   

I’m delighted to feature music by my friend Douglas Bluefeather, award-winning Native American flutist.

Each week you’ll receive an email with links to a video lesson and worksheet:

Week 1 – Introduction to lunar phases & symbolism

Week 2 – Working with the New Moon

Week 3 – Waxing Moon 

Week 4 – Full Moon Magic

Week 5 – Waning Moon

 Week 6 – Integrating what you’ve learned 


Next class begins OCTOBER 6.   This moon will be full on All Hallows – Sahmain  in a very powerful, magical moon cycle!


NOTE:  This course is delivered via email so please check your inbox settings.  Be sure you can accept a series of emails.  Watch your folders – I don’t want emails sitting in your spam or ‘promotions’ folder by mistake.  Any questions let me know!

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