Seasons of the Sacred Feminine

A Year of Nature Wisdom

Find yourself moving in sync with the patterns of the Earth. Experience a sense of belonging and connectedness as you live in harmony with the movements of the seasons.

This year-long online class takes you on a journey through the Wheel of the Year to celebrate the seasonal passages, connect more deeply with the Earth and find the Divine Feminine at the heart of nature. Become attuned to the subtle changes of energy. Live in harmony with the Earth’s cycles. Ease and flow. Expansion and rest. All in balance.

11 parts. 4 Seasons. 8 Sacred Thresholds. Along the way there will be suggestions for seasonal altars, rituals, art, poetry and nature walks.


The pace is slow.  Conversation ebbs and flows with the change of seasons.  It is more about feeling than doing.

Discussion will focus on things such as:

*Changes of light and color
*Being grounded, centered and balanced as earth energy changes
*How to honor the Solstices, Equinoxes and 4 Cross-quarter days
*Seasonal ceremony and symbols
*Altars, mandalas and other representations of the Wheel of the Year
*Creativity and sacred art-making
*The qualities of the Sacred Feminine as she changes her form in each season
*Animal totems and animals sacred to the Goddess in each season
*Use of plants and herbs
*Animal behavior and migrations
*Seasonal feasts and foods

The course includes 11 written lessons, plus you’ll have access to me all year through a private facebook group – we share insights and photos, ask questions and discuss the material.

The window to register only happens once per year. You can sign up now through November. Lessons begin in early December.


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