Seasons of the Sacred Feminine

A Year of Nature Wisdom

An Online Class with Deb Swingholm

 This year-long online class takes you on a journey through the Wheel of the Year to celebrate the seasonal passages, connect more deeply with the Earth and find the Divine Feminine at the heart of nature.

Heighten your awareness and become attuned to the subtle changes of light, color and scent.  Live in harmony with the Earth’s cycles in a way that brings more balance, ease, flow, expansion, creativity and manifesting.   

4 Seasons. 8 Sacred Thresholds.

Includes written material, live video gatherings, guided meditations and suggestions for seasonal altars, rituals, art, poetry and nature walks.

Classes begin mid-November.

The Wheel of the Year is an ancient way to live in harmony with the Earth’s rhythms.

In this year-long online course, you will mark the passages of Solstices and Equinoxes, and explore rituals, art and poetry that connect you more mindfully to the energy of each season.

Persephone. Brigid. Ceres. Inanna. Demeter. We know the ancient Goddess by many names and forms.  And as the seasons change, the Divine Feminine changes her appearance. 

In springtime she appears as a young girl, innocent and full of promise.  In the summer, she is a pregnant, nourishing mother.  And in fall, she appears as an old woman, wise and all-seeing.  With each change, she offers different lessons and gifts.  You’ll get to know her stories and she will guide and teach you. 

Over the year you’ll find messages, magic and insight. 

– Learn the qualities of the Sacred Feminine as she changes form in each season
– Explore symbols of the Divine Feminine in each season
– Honor the Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross-quarter days 
– Seasonal ceremony, ritual and altars, feasts and sacred foods
– Heal with herbs and flowers
– Explore creativity and sacred art-making
– Learn to read animal and plant messages through the seasons
– Discover animal totems sacred to the Goddess in each season
– Be grounded, centered and balanced, held and supported in the Earth energies 

You’ll get 11 written lessons. Suggestions for nature walks, ritual, art and creative projects. Also, ongoing support and connection with me through the year via live video (minimum of 4 with more as I’m inspired to do!)

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