In past years, I’ve offered a workshop called “Soul Support for Unsettled Times”. Over the next 2 weeks I’ll post some of the ideas I presented… in case you are feeling a tad stressed lately.  I’ve been hearing that this year’s election is generating anxiety.  In general, elections really can create turbulence, but this year seems more toxic than usual.  After the election the holiday season is nearly here, with its own set of challenges.

First of all, begin by noticing how stress is affecting you.  Trouble sleeping? Chaotic thoughts? Feeling tired?

When the world feels unsettled, I find it useful to go back to basics.   In stressful or unsettled times it is imperative to practice Good Self-Care.
Here are some ideas:

  • Take time for quiet and stillness
  • Rest
  • Get extra sleep!
  • Enjoy a hot shower or long bath and enhance the experience with essential oils or hand-made natural soaps
  • Reduce noise. Limit light and extra input like television or computer, especially 30 minutes before bed.
  • Don’t avoid the news – stay informed and aware, but make sure you are not overly saturated; give yourself needed breaks from all media
  • Find peace in nature – hike or just find a beautiful place to sit for a while to listen to the trees and the birds
  • Nourish yourself with music, art, yoga, drumming, meditation, prayer…
  • Spend extra time doing the things that feed your spirit

You can create calm, balanced energy using sacred herbs, flower essences, essential oils, stones and crystals – I’ll post next about which herbs, essential oils, stones and crystals are most helpful.

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