Everyday Ritual and Home Alchemy

September 14 & 15

September 14 and 15, join me for a remarkable weekend event to learn the art of clearing spaces and creating rituals that create a rich sense of self care.

Have fun and leave feeling inspired to practice your new skills.

Space Clearing

Space Clearing techniques remove energy that is old, stale, negative or unwanted.  This process then activates your desires and infuses love into the home. You can uplift, refresh and revitalize the feeling of any room. You’ll find that when negative energy is removed, your home can fully support your health and well-being, your productivity, creative flow, mental focus and emotional balance.

In this weekend, you’ll have time to fully explore the tools, methods and how-to’s for purifying and blessing a home, garden, office, or other spaces. I’ve been using and teaching these techniques for more than 20 years – the methods are simple, practical, effective and powerful.

Everyday Ritual

I’ll also be teaching you to work with the power of Ritual and how to weave it into your daily life.

Full Moon. New Moon. Water Blessing. Land Blessing. Healing. Purification. Releasing.  Manifesting. These are just some of the personal rituals that can be part of your daily life.  Why do you need ritual, you might wonder? Rituals create a focal point of power and prayer. They bring meaning, joy and sacredness to every day living.  For me, ritual is second nature – something I do with the seasons and changes of the moon.

I’d love to be your guide!  You’ll get lots of individual attention and hands-on instruction.

What will you learn?

  • Explore how to use sacred tools and objects – learn how to store, clean and clear them so they do their best work with you
  • Learn to use Sacred Tools and discover which ones are most aligned with your energy
  • Discover your personal Sacred Tool Allies
  • Understand the steps for doing a clearing and blessing ceremony for your own home, office, garden or land
  • Get hands-on practice with various tools like feathers, gongs, bells, singing bowls and smudging
  • Work with the Four Elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth
  • Explore the how’s, when’s and why’s of creating a personal ritual
  • Experience 3 different kinds of rituals – one for personal healing, one for empowering and manifesting, and a Water Blessing
  • Learn to layer the components of a ritual for maximum effect: color, sound, the Elements, song, sacred objects coming together
  • Learn techniques to ground, shield, protect and clear your body and personal energy

You may opt to do one day or both days.  Click a button below to learn more and register, or click the other button to reach out with questions. 

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