Herbs and flowers to reduce stress and create calm balanced energy

Herbs and flowers to reduce stress and create calm balanced energy


Continuing my discussion of how to create calm and balance, I offer you some plants, flowers and herbs that can assist you during stressful or unsettled times. How do you use them?

Dry Herbs

These are the whole plant or flower, in dried form.  Sprinkle them in your bath water.  Put them in bowls where you work or sleep.  Keep them in a pouch or bag (crush a bit to release the smell).

Essential Oils

These elixirs hold the energetic and healing qualities of the plant. Wear them, spritz them (make your own room misters), use them in cleaning, put them in your bath water and in diffusers *use all EO/herbal safety precautions

Some of my personal favorite herbs and essential oils for reducing stress and creating calm balanced energy are:

  • Chamomile – Calming, soothing, induces sleep, used to attract love and prosperity
  • Bee Balm – Recovery from trauma or emotional pain, other healing uses
  • Lavender – Love, protection, healing, calming, meditative, restoring, antibacterial
  • Rosemary – Strength, protection, cleansing, clarity, love, fidelity and happiness, antibacterial
  • Nettle – Protection, instills courage, activates the warrior-self, shields unwanted energy
  • Rose – Love, strength, purity, spirituality, associated with Mary, Isis, Venus and Aphrodite
  • Yarrow – Spiritual connection, protection, strong boundaries, divination

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