The holidays are fast approaching.

There is fun and delight.  Delectable foods.  Family gatherings. Office parties. And, of course, shopping. There are opportunities for joy. But, there are also opportunities for encounters that are unsettling or frustrating.

So, starting now – be mindful and practice good self-care.  Here are a few things that come to mind as spiritual and self-care strategies during the holidays.

Take a few moments to center yourself before going out shopping or attending a holiday party. Once home – clear and center again.

Use a calming, protective, grounding essential oil – I love lavender, rosemary, cedar, frankincense and myrrh. You can wear oils as a perfume. Diffuse them in your home. Add a few drops to unscented lotion. Or, put a few drops in the bottom of a hot shower.

Wear a piece of jewelry with quartz crystal in it (or carry a crystal in your pocket). Quartz will help shield you from outside influences, and it will hold your intention for calm.  First, rinse the stone under running water to clear it.  Then program it:  hold it in your hand, and say a blessing – something like “May this crystal offer clarity and assist me to be grounded and balanced.”

For empaths – a shawl, scarf or cape can provide a little energetic buffer. No need to soak up every emotion and energy pattern that comes your way!

Simplify! Find ways to make gift giving, baking and other activities simple and easy. Plan your shopping for times when crowds and traffic are low. Cook and freeze foods ahead of time. Don’t over-schedule. Relax your need for “perfection”.  Let go of unnecessary busy-ness.

Focus on beloved traditions.

Let this be a time of calm.  Rest when you need it. Set aside alone-time and quiet time. Take time either in the morning or before bed to simply relax and recharge.  Me: I love to linger over a cup of coffee and quietly watch the birds come to the feeder. This is one of my morning centering practices.

Treat yourself.  Buy a special gift for yourself – just one luxurious thing can be balm for your soul.

Enjoy the beauty of this winter holiday season! I wish you blessings of joy and peace.



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