Do you crave a more peaceful way of life?  Want to feel more balanced?  Or perhaps you aim to be more energized, productive or creative?

Look to the Earth and mirror her rhythmic cycles.

The movements of nature have become my clock and my calendar.  At various intervals – like Solstices or Equinoxes or New Moons – I set intentions, clarify goals and do clearing work to remove obstacles and limiting beliefs.   My work is done in tune with the seasons and my energy is fueled by things like sun, snow, thunderstorms, newly opened flowers and tall prairie grasses.

Both the Native American Medicine Wheel and the Celtic Wheel of the Year offer a framework for ceremony.

This fall I began teaching a year-long class called “Seasons of the Sacred Feminine”.  We are engaged in a very conscious way, open to deeper spiritual awareness and moment-by-moment connection with the Earth.  We listen for the wisdom of the Divine Feminine as she reveals herself through nature.

This is what we find with this seasonal way of living:

  • Winter invites rest, hibernation, planning and incubating new ideas and new projects
  • Spring brings an energy of purification, clearing, cleaning and reorganization; it is a time of renewal and beginnings
  • Summer offers the fire for expansion and growth; it fuels activity, change and movement
  • Autumn helps in releasing what no longer serves; it is a time to gather up one’s personal harvest and celebrate successes

How can you get started?

Observe the subtle changes of nature.  Notice how you are called to respond.  Find the flow and be carried along with it!  As you move in step with the pace of nature, alignment occurs within your soul. Your spirit meshes with the energy that surrounds you. Each flower, tree, bird and animal becomes your teacher.


Enter the Red Forest



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