One of most beautiful places in Ohio is under threat – the Oak Openings region.

Home to a third of Ohio’s rare, native species, this area is filled with forest, wetlands, wet prairie, open meadow, glacial sand dunes and rare oak savanna.

A recent resource report shows the Oak Openings region is still in danger from the proposed Nexus high-pressure gas pipeline.   Months after Nexus indicated they may move the pipeline out of the Oak Openings  we find this is untrue.  Just add it to the list of things they have said that are false and misleading.

A re-route that would avoid the Oak Openings was submitted (by residents and local government) on April 28, 2015.  The Nexus Resource Report is dated June, 12 2015.  In 48 days (including weekends), Nexus could not have done a thorough job of studying the impacts or benefits of the re-route. Other than maybe a cursory look at a Google Earth map, Nexus could not have studied the re-route on the ground.

The logical conclusion is:  Nexus’ hasty dismissal of this re-route is based on their own convenience. It is simply profit-driven. Nexus has shown little interest in researching anything that may deviate from their preferences, even when their preferences are detrimental to the communities they wish to dig through.

The fact of the matter is:  the Nexus pipeline proposed route is poorly drawn – it is unnecessarily close to parks, schools, nursing homes and subdivisions.  A compressor station would be located by two vibrant, growing towns – Whitehouse and historic Waterville Ohio. Their route would cut through more than 180 acres of the Oak Openings region  disturbing globally rare habitat.   The Nexus route would also trench through our aquifer, de-watering and potentially damaging wells and ground water resources.

So…  we continue to fight for our land, our water and our communities.

If you are reading this, please consider writing to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  Add your voice!   In filing your concerns, be sure to reference the NEXUS Gas Transmission Project – Docket Number: CP16-22

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