Sometimes I read things on the internet and realize I would probably make a lot more money and have a wider audience if I wrote things like “Become a Warrior Goddess in 30 Days” or “Find Out Which Greek Goddess is Your Guide”.  I see people calling themselves a “Money Goddess” or a “Travel Goddess”.  And, wonder what would happen if I used a clickbait style to promote my workshops… “Is She Crazy for Making Outdoor Altars?” or “The One Wild Thing about the Goddess You Never Knew”.

But… I’m just not built that way.

And, Goddess doesn’t work that way either. She is far richer and deeper than that.

The Goddess is an eternal flame – her energy is boundless and infinite.  Divine. Supreme. Singular. Sovereign.

She has many faces and reveals herself in many guises: Compassionate Mother, Warrioress, Wise Woman, Magical Healer.  She arrives in the shape of a bird, bee or bear. She births and nourishes all things. She cuts and reaps. She renews and restores.

Our ancestors knew the Divine Feminine intimately. They celebrated her through the changes of the seasons. They honored her at rivers and mountains, in caves and crypts. They sought her wisdom in great temples and stone circles.

Far from being a dusty statue in a museum, she is real and her grace is available to us every day. And, I approach her as my ancestor-women did – with deep respect.

In my work, I seek to bring ancient Goddess traditions forward into the modern world – forward in ways that you can use in everyday life. Forward in ways that empower and inspire.

But, I do not equate myself with Goddess – and in my classes I don’t talk about how to become a Goddess. Instead, you melt into her and hear her voice. You become her hands on earth and reflect her beauty and sacred presence.

We are her handmaidens, drummers, dancers, mothers, healers and priestesses. We are her beloved daughters.  Through you, her love flows into the world.


I am Not Goddess

I reflect her essence, I hold her fertile magic,
I magnify her creative power,
But, I am not Goddess.

I see her beauty all around me,
I hear her voice on the wind,
I walk in her sacred ways,
But I am not Goddess.

She dwells in my heart,
She nourishes my spirit,
She births me over and over again,
But I am not Goddess.

I sing her ancient songs,
I praise her many holy names,
I trace her eons-old symbols.

I am Handmaiden
and Story Keeper

She is Goddess and I am her
Beloved Daughter.


-Deb Swingholm 2016

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