Sage and Lavender Smudge Ritual Kit


This new smudge set is earthy and full of texture and fragrance.   Note – each set is very unique and will have variation of feather coloration, bowl shape. 

In your box you will get…

  • Mountain sage smudge bundle
  • Hand-thrown pottery smudge bowl
  • Hand poured beeswax candle
  • Turkey feather fan
  • Balancing Spray with sage, fir and cedar, 2 ounce
  • Detailed instructions for how to purify and bless your spaces


Why a Pottery Smudge Bowl?

You might wonder… why do I recommend using a ceramic smudge bowl instead of a shell? Well, there are several reasons for this.

  • Although they are very popular, abalone shells were not traditionally used for smudging by every culture or tribal group. In some regions, pottery is preferred. Other containers have included animal skulls, stone and cast iron.
  • A smudge bundle can get very hot. Heat can damage and burn a shell causing it to blacken or even break. Abalone is precious and some types are endangered – so in my ceremonies I prefer to use these beautiful shells in other ways.
  • Shells can transfer heat; a fire-proof bowl with sand at the bottom is more secure.
  • Some shells have holes that can allow ashes to fall – this just isn’t practical when you’re smudging your home. A bowl will safely catch any hot cinders and avoid damaging your altar, furnishings or floors.
  • And, for all the above reasons, I would NEVER recommend using a shell to burn a charcoal disc.


Sacred Tools

When you receive your ritual kit, give yourself some quiet time as you unbox it. Go slowly. Take in the fragrance and texture of each item. Breathe in the sweetness of the beeswax, the depth of the sage. Sit for a while with your bowl and feather. Hold them and welcome them as Sacred Tools. The more you connect with your smudge tools, the more they will become an extension of your energy and intent.

As always, if you have questions…get in touch!

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