Water Blessing Vessels – Ritual Kit


Ritual is a powerful symbolic act that gives form to your prayers and tangible shape to your intentions.  The Water Blessing Vessel kit gives you a sacred place to work with the power of the Water Element in your spiritual practice. 

The Water Element in Ritual

Water flows with gentle healing power.  It has been used for ages to cleans and purify, to bless and to consecrate.  It is the lifeblood of our Mother Earth.  And Water is the source of all life.  From streams, rivers and oceans to healing springs and holy wells, water is considered holy.  

This kit gives you beautiful symbolic ritual tools to call on the power of Sacred Water to release, transform, purify and heal.  You’ll get a bowl, pitcher and salt container.  A bag of pink Himalayan salt infused with lavender. A small apple wand (for stirring in magic!). And detailed instructions with ideas for various personal water rituals. 


When can you use your Water Blessing Vessels?

Healing.  Manifesting.  New Moon. New Year.  Birthday. House Warming.  Space Clearing Ceremony. Prayer gathering.  Funeral. Wedding. You could give it as a gift.  It can be used in so many ways – whatever you can imagine.  In the instructions included, I’ll give you some sample rituals.  Once you understand the framework, it will be easy to adapt and create your own. 


For each ritual, you have a few choices to make: Your intention is the key here.  What are you wanting the outcome to be?  Is this ritual for healing? Or are you blessing a home or honoring the spirits of the land?  Use this to decide what flowers, herbs, candles or prayers you’ll use.  You can make an altar and decorate it with feathers, crystals, stones or other symbols that reflect the purpose of your water ceremony.  This adds layers of meaning and personal intention. As you do this, you are already beginning your ritual, and opening the door for healing magic.    

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