As a seasoned traveler, I have often visited places where it would have been advisable not to go… as a solo traveler or a couple it is easy to do if you are cautious and aware.

This isn’t always the case for a group.

As many of you know, one of my favorite travel destinations is Turkey.  And, I was planning another trip for this spring.  However, given the recent bombing in Istanbul, I will not be leading a group tour in Turkey at this time.  I hope the country will quickly take the needed steps to curb extremism and halt their own aggressive behavior.  I hope they will do what is necessary to protect the marvelous ruins, ancient cities and museums.

Instead, I am planning a different trip and will be guiding a private tour to France in 2017.

The theme is: “Art and Architecture of the Divine Feminine”.  We’ll be on the trail of the Black Madonna and walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene. We’ll visit ancient places of pilgrimage – labyrinths, cathedrals, crypts and caves.  This will be sacred travel and we will enter into the “thin places” where the holy is palpable and spiritual blessings flow.

No matter where you choose to go, travel is always a risk and an adventure.  So, I invite you to take a risk and travel – regardless of the turmoil in the world.  One just has to be smart and take steps to be as safe as possible.

I do hope you’ll dig out your passport, put on your walking shoes and join us.  I will be posting more details about the itinerary and pricing soon.  Please watch for more information!

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