I invite you to join me for the 2019 “Seasons of the Sacred Feminine – A Year of Nature Wisdom”

This year-long online class takes you on a journey through the Wheel of the Year to celebrate the seasonal passages, connect more deeply with the Earth and find the Divine Feminine at the heart of nature.

Live and work within the Wheel of the Year –whether it is the Celtic Wheel of the Year or the Native American Medicine Wheel – with more spiritual awareness.  Become attuned to the subtle changes of energy. Live in harmony with the Earth’s cycles. Ease and flow. Expansion and rest.  Life in balance.

Every flower, tree, bird and animal becomes your teacher. You find a sense of peace.  You’ll feel a sense of connection and belonging. The Earth’s patterns give shape to your life.

Discussion will focus on things like

  • Changes of light and color
  • Being grounded, centered and balanced as the energy of the Earth changes
  • How to honor the Solstices, Equinoxes and 4 Cross-quarter days
  • Altar making
  • Madalas and other physical representations of the Wheel of the Year
  • Seasonal feasts and sacred foods
  • Use of herbs and flowers
  • Creativity and art-making
  • Animal behavior and migrations


The course has a slow pace. And through the year you’ll find yourself moving into a sacred way of living; coming into a balance with the Earth as our ancestors once did.

You also build a more powerful relationship with the Divine Feminine who is at the heart of the natural world.

In the traditions of the Divine Feminine, nature is the guiding force. She is nature itself.

You’ll find out how the Goddess expresses herself through nature and see how she changes with each season – bringing new lessons and unique gifts.  For example, in spring, she awakens as a young girl full of joy, beauty, fertile power and sweetness. As the year progresses, she becomes a life-giving, nourishing mother, and in the fall she transforms into an old Wise Woman, a Healer and Seer. She offers guidance that ripens with the seasons.

  • Learn about the animals sacred to the Goddess in each season
  • Embody the qualities of the Sacred Feminine as she changes form through the year
  • Learn symbols and mythology related to the Divine Feminine for each season

What will you get?

  • 11 written lessons
  • Suggestions for nature walks, altar making and rituals in each season
  • Suggestions for creating art or crafts specific to each season
  • Constant support and contact with me throughout the year
  • You will also be connected with an ongoing private group via facebook. This is for questions, discussion and sharing of your photos, art and insights

Investment is just $145 for the entire year of study.   Course lessons arrive beginning in November.


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