I usually experience the Autumnal Equinox as a time of cleansing, pruning, letting go and things falling away.  Cold weather is coming like a freight train.  Things are drying up.  The energy is pulling in.  The earth is preparing for rest.

But, then today walking on the prairie, I stopped to gaze at the way the sun filtered through the cascading seeds that crowned the tall grass.  All around were flowers going to seed.

Even as the plants are withering and becoming brown, I saw them as a fruitful expression of life and creativity. The future was encapsulated in tiny seeds that contain a whole prairie within them.

I was standing in a field of pure possibility.

With a happiness that sometimes eludes me at the Fall Equinox, I gathered seeds.   I sang a gathering song, a thank-you song and held on to these new plants not yet rooted.

Every ending can be a beginning.  Release brings movement and necessary change. Completion and death make way for new life.  Today, seeds were a clear and tangible reminder of these truths.

prairie grasses 2


autumn prairie grass 1


prairie butterfly_goldenrod

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