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Release the past ~ Envision the future ~ Create the life you desire

How Can I Support You?

There are many ways I can support your journey.  I never know what will happen until we begin – but I can tell you there will be wild, unexpected, positive results, whatever challenges you are facing.   Work with me to identify and clear  blockages – untangling those places in life where you feel “stuck”.   Gain insight into issues, habits or relationships.  Dive deep into spiritual knowledge and healing traditions.  Experience the loving presence of the Divine Feminine and receive her wise guidance.

Feel more powerful, confident, abundant and creative.

Classes, Workshops and Retreats

Work with me in a gorgeous natural setting with an intimate circle of like-minded souls.  Explore spiritual wisdom, sacred symbols, ritual and ancient women’s traditions.   We’ll go deep to experience  life-changing insights, healing and lasting personal growth.

Intuitive Coaching and Readings

I can help you remove blocks and release those places in life where you feel “stuck”.    Let’s unravel unwanted patterns and heal old wounds to clear a way forward.  I’ll help you get to the root of things so you can find wholeness, freedom and inspiration.  Change doesn’t have to be hard.  

Space Clearing and Home Blessing Ceremonies

Reset and recharge the energy of your home or office .  Use Feng Shui and the Art of Space Clearing so your home  supports your health, money, goals and desires.  Cleanse  negative or unwanted energy.  Bring in peace, happiness, balance, creativity and a sense of well-being.  These are ancient practices needed in our modern world.

Space Clearing and Feng Shui for Real Estate

Are you a Real Estate professional? Do you have property that just won’t sell? Are you selling your home “for sale by owner”? I can help you make simple, effective changes that will make any home show better and sell faster.  Go beyond routine staging.  Make people fall in love with your home as soon as they walk in!

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