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Ritual Blessing Hearth by Flowering Moon


Ritual Kits for Your Spiritual Practice

Ritual and ceremony are important to me – and I love to put beautiful, powerful sacred tools in your hands and give you all the basics and instructions to get started.  

I’ve been collaborating with my friend & pottery artist Rebecca Graves Prowse to create a series of Ritual Kits for you to use in your spiritual practice. Rebecca has taken my visions for ritual tools and made them real, with the most amazing attention to detail, beauty and form. 

Each item is crafted with clear intention and sacred purpose.



Ritual Blessing Hearth

Fire transforms anything it touches.  My Blessing Hearth gives you a sacred container to utilize the power of the Fire Element in your spiritual practice.  Use your Hearth to burn prayers or healing requests.  Use it for manifesting and to create powerful change. 


Blessing Hearth kit Red


Water Blessing Vessels

Water is the source of life.  It is the lifeblood of our Mother Earth.  Water heals and purifies.  It is used to bless, anoint and consecrate.  My Water Blessing Kit gives you a beautiful set of sacred vessels to work with the power of the Water Element in your spiritual practice.  Comes with herbs, salt, a wand and instructions.


Water Blessing Kit

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