Space Clearing & Feng Shui for Real Estate

Sell Homes Faster ~ Make Properties Shine 

People Fall in Love with a Home -- or Not

Potential buyers decide within minutes whether or not a home is right for them. When someone steps through the door every detail is quickly perceived and evaluated. Colors, textures, scent, lighting and decor create an immediate impression. A buyer can instantly fall in love with the home. But, just as quickly, they can dislike it.

Are you a Real Estate professional? Do you have property that just won’t sell? Are you selling your home “for sale by owner”?

I can give you an edge.


Can Feng Shui Help Me Sell My House?

Yes!  I can assist you in making simple, effective changes that will make any home show better and sell faster. This work goes beyond traditional real estate staging to make the house and property shine.  Let me help you:

  • Prepare a seller to move out, easing the transition and helping them release the house to the next perfect owner
  • Clear negative energy and give the house a fresh, inviting, harmonious atmosphere – Space Clearing techniques quickly enhance the overall “feeling” of the home
  • Reduce distractions, clutter or over-accessorizing
  • Simplify color schemes, find the best neutral palette or the best colors for each room
  • Enhance curb appeal
  • Create a beautiful and welcoming entryway
  • Highlight the natural beauty and potential of each room

Feeling "At Home"

You want a buyer to come in and  instantly imagine what it would be like to live here – seeing themselves thriving, cozy and happy.

Space Clearing helps by erasing the energy of previous occupants.  It creates a “blank slate”.  

Then it is far easier for them to connect with the personality of the house and see the potential.

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