After responding to many inquiries on this subject, I would like to address the question of using bells in the practice of Space Clearing.

First of all, what is Space Clearing?

Space Clearing is a ceremony designed to purify, heal and restore balance to a home.  It can also be applied to an office, a garden or a piece of land.  Space Clearing releases anything negative or stagnant, and it imparts a feeling of freshness, vitality, and crystalline clarity.

Just for a moment, recall a time when you entered a room and it felt strange or unsettled. Maybe there had just been an argument and – as they saying goes – you could literally cut the tension with a knife.  Think about how a room feels after someone has been ill for a long time.  Or, imagine the dull feeling in a home after it has been left vacant.  Many times there can be energy left behind from a previous owner or tenant.

Energy lingers.  The left-over energy from illness, stress, divorce, or foreclosure all imprints itself on a house.  Even the normal day to day irritations and concerns can build up.  These lingering energy patterns need to be released.  Space Clearing techniques dissipate all of this.

The first part of the Space Clearing ceremony focuses on purification and cleansing.  The second part of the Space Clearing ceremony infuses the home with blessings and prayers that bring new energy patterns into being – patterns of love, abundance, creativity, health and harmony.

As an analogy,  it is a bit like removing wilted flowers from a vase, washing the vase until it shines and refilling it with a fresh bouquet.

I have performed Space Clearing rituals for nearly 20 years. I have studied Karen Kingston’s Bali-inspired methods, and have worked with several other teachers including Denise Linn. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn from indigenous shamans about purification rituals, land blessings, and other healing methods.

I’ve found that every culture has their own unique ways of blessing and purifying a home.  I still am discovering new techniques and exploring the nuances of this ancient craft.

In my own practice, I work with many different kinds of Space Clearing tools.  I smudge with sage, cedar and sweetgrass.  I use drums and rattles. I clear with my voice – both toning and singing.  I use holy water, blessed and infused with essential oils and flower essences.  I cut stagnant energy with knives and obliterate it with fire.  I lay down salt, which is exceptionally grounding, protective and purifying.  I also ring bells, chimes and singing bowls.

(The tools I choose for a ceremony change depending on the situation and the needs of my client)

As a musician, bells immediately became one of my favorite Space Clearing tools.  I like how the sound vibrations penetrate the walls, the furniture, the very structure of a space.  The clarity and harmonic sounds of a good bell can attune things very quickly.

I have a collection of bells that I use for Space Clearing – silver bells, antique bells, Tibetan bells, Nepalese bells and Balinese bells.  And, here I’d like to clarify one thing – I do not agree that only Balinese bells will work for Space Clearing (as one teacher states).

Balinese bells are special. No doubt about it. They are crafted in a sacred way that incorporates the phases of the moon, with prayers and offerings made at various stages of production.  Their tone is one of the purest and most harmonic of any bell.

Space Clearing Bell

But, many kinds of bells can work well for Space Clearing.

So, how do you go about choosing a bell? It is going to be your healing partner in purifying and blessing your home, so take your time.  There are a few things to keep in mind when you are shopping.  First of all, ring a lot of bells!  Get a sense of the differences in sound.  Each kind of bell has a distinctive quality.  Notice if you are drawn to a high note or a low note.  Listen to not only the strike note (the first tone you hear), but also the over-tones – these more subtle harmonic notes can be perceived as the bell is left to vibrate.  You can also consider the size of the bell, the metals it is made from, where it comes from and who made it.

Select a bell you really love.  You’ll know the right one.  When you ring it,  your heart will lift and expand.  The sound will seem to fill you; it will both soothe and enliven,  It should feel comfortable in your hand, like an extension of your body.   Most of all, the tone of the bell must be harmonic, nicely resonant, clear and beautiful sounding.  Avoid dissonance.  A bell that is shrill or out of tune will not purify a space and can in fact make things worse.

In finding a bell, trust your instincts.  And, if you have questions, feel free to email me.

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