Space Clearing 

for Healers and Caregivers

Healers, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, doctors, nurses, chiropractors and caregivers…do you use any purification methods in your spaces between clients and at the end of the day? 

Space Clearing methods can help you create an environment that is more conducive to healing.  These techniques also help you keep you and your treatment rooms free of negative energy.  As you work with people, they let go of what doesn’t serve them.  You might find someone releases pain, fear, anger, sorrow, overwhelm or stress.  This is good and healthy.  But it is really useful to cleanse that out of your treatment room before the next client or patient.

It is a bit like stopping the spread of germs – you want to stop the sharing of energy. Especially the unwanted stuff – the ailments, trauma and emotions that underpin them.

Choosing Tools for Space Clearing in Health Care Settings

I’ve found that smudging with sage or burning incense isn’t usually the best option for clearing in most care settings (some people are sensitive to these, especially if they have allergies or respiratory problems). Instead, you’ll want to think about using essential oil sprays, flower essences, bells or singing bowls as your tools.

Another tool you can use in a health care setting is salt.

I’ll give you one simple method here:

Salt Bowls for Healing and Cleansing Energy

Salt is healing, grounding and very purifying.

First, choose a bowl that won’t be ruined by salt – I like to use a small ceramic dish. Choose a color, shape and texture that appeals to your senses.

Then choose your salt. I like to use a coarse salt, like sea salt. I also enjoy using pink Himalayan salt. But any salt will work.

As an extra layer of cleansing and healing, you can add some herbs to the salt – lavender, rosemary, yarrow or sage are all beneficial and will help the clearing process.

Place your bowl in the room with a prayerful intention: “May this salt heal and protect this room. May it cleanse away all negativity”.  Repeat this process every few days.  If you are seeing a large number of clients, you will likely want to replace the salt fresh each day, discarding the old. Use your intuition here.

Be sure to put the bowl where it will not be knocked over easily. It is nice if you are able to see it and connect with it during the day.

I also recommend that you cleanse your own personal energy at the end of the day.  As care-givers we tend to hold things for others.  We healers are likely to be empaths, soaking up energy, emotion and symptoms like a sponge (sound familiar?).  You can use an essential oil spray or do a salt scrub in the shower at the end of the work day to cleanse your auric field and replenish yourself.

Do you already use some purification methods?  Tag me on Instagram or Facebook and share what you do that works!

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