Spirituality does not mean that you are happy all the time. It isn’t sparkles or glitter or pink unicorns. It goes beyond shiny crystals. If you’ve worked with me you know this is my firm belief.  My work isn’t “fluffy”.

Yes, spirituality involves ritual, prayer, healing and inner work. There is beauty and inspiration. And it is also – very often – about embracing the darkness. Hard things. Ugly things. It is about finding a path when there is little light and no map.

I’d like to give you a word to ponder: Responsible. One very wise teacher said to me that at its root it means: Response able (not blame as some think). Are you responding and acting in alignment with your soul’s purpose? Are you responding with power to what is happening around you? Are you bringing your most wise, compassionate, focused, insightful Self to this moment? Are you resting and gathering your strength to be able to show up when your family and friends need you most?

All my love as we head into the coming week.  For many it will be difficult, maybe even tragic.  Stay grounded.  Go outside and let nature offer balance.  Be gentle with yourself.  And please reach out if you need support.  

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