The Beauty of Ritual

Do you have a room that just makes you go “ugh” when you walk in? 

Have you ever lit a sage smudge stick and waved it around your house to clear the energy but didn’t really know the details of how to do it for maximum effect? Did you set intentions for how the space would serve you and close the ceremony with the proper ritual?

Perhaps you’ve visited a sacred place, or been inspired by the beauty of a river or mountain and felt moved to make an offering but were not sure exactly how to do that.


The answer to these questions is: Ritual.


Water Blessing. Land Blessing. Full Moon. New Moon. Healing. Purification. Space Clearing. These are just some of the personal rituals that can be woven through your daily life.  Rituals create a focal point, a moment of power and prayer. They bring meaning, joy and sacredness to your every day living. They help you manifest your dreams and give form to your gratitude. They give context and create a vessel to hold your love and intention.

I’ve been struck recently at how few rituals we have in our lives and how the instructions have gone missing.  It is an opportunity lost.  Ritual was a common thing for our ancestors and it is time to reclaim the practice!

You might wonder… do you need a bunch of special tools?  Not necessarily.  I have spent years gathering beautiful ceremonial tools from around the world.  I love them and they each have an amazing story!  I highly recommend having a few beloved Sacred Tools.  BUT you can do ritual with things you already own: A pretty bowl or basket from your kitchen.  Some favorite stones or crystals. A shell.  Water.  Flowers and a candle. It doesn’t need to be elaborate – your prayerful heart and clear intention are the most important components.


Here is a very basic form to use in creating your own rituals:

  1. Clarify your desires and intentions – what is your ritual for?
  2. Set the stage and prepare a space
  3. Honor Spirit and invoke your guides, guardians and angels
  4. Say a blessing, prayer or make a request
  5. Leaving a gift is always nice (a flower at the base of a tree, a stone into a river, even a song)
  6. Say thank you and know that your prayers are received
  7. Release expectation and trust results will happen

Now that you understand the basic principles of creating your own ritual I would love to hear about the rituals you develop for yourself.  Follow and tag me on Instagram when you post about your ritual or drop your story in my DMs . Let’s continue the conversation and see how this grows for you!

For a simple and effective Space Clearing ritual, I offer the Home Blessing Kit which contains all the tools and instructions needed for your own smudging and home blessing. 

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