Ritual Blessing Hearths

Give power to your intentions.

Ritual is a powerful symbolic act that gives form to your prayers and tangible shape to your intentions. 

This past year I’ve been collaborating with my friend, pottery artist Rebecca Graves Prowse to create a series of Ritual Kits.  These put beautiful, powerful sacred tools in your hands and give you all the basics and instructions to get started. 

Rebecca has taken my visions for ritual tools and made them real.  There is an amazing attention to detail — the way the curve of the bottom fits in your hand, how the glaze feels on your fingers, the visual appeal and absolute functionality.

Each item is crafted with intention and sacred purpose.


The Fire Element in Ritual

The Ritual Blessing Hearth gives you a sacred place to work with the transformational power of the Fire Element in your spiritual practice. 

Fire transforms whatever it touches.  Many rituals of protection, family unity, abundance and healing are centered on the hearth. My own Celtic ancestors often included fire in their spiritual practices.  But most modern homes no longer have a fireplace.  

The Blessing Hearth gives you a symbolic ritual space to utilize the power of Sacred Fire. You can call on the Element of Fire to release, transform, manifest and heal.  

Ritual Blessing Hearth – Small

Available in white or red.  With a small plate to rest on. 

Ritual Blessing Hearth – Large

Available in white or red.  Each one is a unique piece of art, individually numbered. 

When can you use your Blessing Hearth?

Healing.  Manifesting.  New Moon or Full Moon. New Year.  Birthday. House Warming or Space Clearing Ceremony. Prayer gathering.  Funeral. Wedding. You could give it as a gift.  It can be used in so many ways – whatever you can imagine.  In the instructions included, I’ll give you some sample rituals.  Once you understand the framework, it will be easy to adapt and create your own. 

Here is one method:   

Using Your Blessing Hearth

Draw or write down a prayer, intention or healing request – fold it and hold it in your hands.  Now pause. Really FEEL your intentions fusing with the paper and ink. Place the paper inside the Blessing Hearth.  When you feel ready, strike a match and light your paper. Watch as it catches fire, transforming and illuminating your prayers. As the smoke rises visualize your prayers also rising. Feel how they are received.  Lastly, trust that your prayers have been heard. Say thank you.  

For each ritual, you have a few choices to make.

You might want to decorate your Hearth with feathers, beads, stones or other symbols that reflect the purpose of your fire ceremony.  This adds layers of meaning and personal intention.  You must also decide what to do with the ashes after you burn. You might want to leave the ashes inside your Hearth to collect.  You might want to give the cold ashes to the earth — putting them in a garden or under a tree as a completion of your ritual.  

You’ll get detailed instructions and more ritual suggestions with your Blessing Hearth.

*Always use extreme caution when using fire.  Use the Blessing Hearth outdoors or in a fire safe location. 

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