Walking With The Goddess

Have you ever felt like something was missing from your spiritual life?  Have you longed for deeper connection?

Years ago, a doorway opened and my life has never been the same.  I found traditions and ceremony that spoke to my soul as nothing else had.  I learned of priestesses and midwives, poets, queens and temple dancers.  I found an entire history that had been hidden from me – a past were Goddess was at the heart of life and religion.  I felt liberated, awakened and empowered.  I felt like I’d come home.


earth element goddess collage 1

In the Beginning God Was a Woman

Not so long ago, the Goddess was integral as part of daily life.  The Divine Feminine was worshiped as nourishing, life-giving and fiercely protective.  And, women were honored as her reflection on Earth.

The Divine Feminine was seen in many forms – Nourishing Mother, Fertile Life-Giver, Warrioress, Queen of Heaven, Wise Woman and Magical Healer.  The Great Mother and Celestial Maiden.  The Miraculous Madonna and the Source of All Life.

In my retreats and workshops, I want you to come and be in the presence of the Goddess and experience the Sacred Feminine in a profound way – a way that touches your spirit forever.

You’ll meet the Goddess through mythology, storytelling, art, women’s crafts, drumming, dance, ritual and guided meditation.   You’ll explore ancient wisdom and symbols that will inspire and empower you in your daily life.

You’ll find a new awareness of your own power, beauty and talents.

In “Walking with the Goddess” you will…

  • Discover the ways Goddess reveals herself to you
  • Learn the secrets held in the sacred symbols and signs of the Divine Feminine; see how these symbols are intertwined with weaving, pottery and ancient art
  • Find the Goddess in nature
  • Celebrate the seasons with ritual and ceremony as our ancestors did
  • See how the Divine Feminine is hidden in myths, legends and fairy tales
  • Work with herbs, flowers, trees, stones and crystals sacred to the Goddess
  • Remember your “Mother Line” and honor your ancestor-women
  • Walk a Labyrinth in a sacred way
  • Expand your intuition
  • Awaken your creativity
  • Write blessings, poems and prayers that celebrate the Sacred Feminine
  • Make a sacred personal talisman – a Goddess rosary, herbal potion or Goddess Spirit Doll
  • Receive guidance and insight through powerful guided meditations
  • Cultivate sacred space in your heart and home for the Divine Feminine

Goddess Retreats and Workshops

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  “I was fortunate enough to take Deb’s class… To say it was life-changing is an understatement.”  – A.E.


Original Goddess

Our ancestors saw the Creator Spirit as a woman – a life-giving, creative, wise and protective Goddess who shaped the Earth, provided us with abundant food and gave birth to all things.

bird_goddess2Around the world, the Goddess was called by countless names – Isis, Sarasvati, Venus, Athena, Inanna, Ishtar, Pele, Changing Woman, Corn Maiden, Pachamama, Baba Yaga, Brigid and many more.  Her titles included Queen of Heaven, Mistress of the Animals, Our Lady, Holy Mother.  She was celebrated as Queen Bee, Lioness, Swan and Owl; Wheat and Rice; Sun, Moon and Morning Star.

Goddess was honored at sacred rivers, holy wells, mountains and deep within caves.  Her festivals were marked by the turning of the seasons.  Equinox.  Solstice.  Planting.  Harvest.  First snows.  First fruits and flowers.

She is at the root of all spiritual and religious traditions.

Far from being just a dusty marble statue in a museum, Goddess is present and available to us now, today.  Our memory of the Divine Feminine is waking.  She is whispering to the hearts of both men and women, offering guidance. We are rediscovering her story – a rich past that deserves to be remembered.

In “Walking with the Goddess” workshops, you will be held in the presence of the Divine Feminine and come to know her in a lasting, meaningful way.


“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we’re here.”
~ Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees


Ritual and Ceremony

In the traditions of the Goddess, our Ancestor-women used ceremony to honor the important passages of life. For example: a coming-of-age ceremony to mark the first menstrual blood of a young girl, a pregnancy, or to honor the wisdom of an Elder and her journey through menopause.  Ritual is used to bless a home or the land or water, like a river.  Ceremony can be used for personal healing.  It can be a naming ceremony for a baby or to honor the passing of a loved one.  I can show you how to incorporate the power of ceremony and ritual into your life.

Goddess talisman doll GLR 1Women’s Sacred Art and Crafts

Women held prominent roles in ancient society. Seen as the embodiment of the Goddess, women were honored as Priestess, Queen, Judge, Midwife, Medicine Woman and Warrioress. Our crafts were held sacred and our work was highly regarded. Women created weaving, pottery, poetry, cave art and metalwork. Women preserved and prepared food as well as healing herbs, incense and perfumed oils.

Our soul’s yearn to express.  Creativity brings us joy and aliveness.  The things we make with our own hands are sacred and vibrate with our personal energy.  Our art is important. Every other part of life is healthier when our own creative life is fertile.

Where in your life do you crave more creativity? What projects would you breathe more life into?

Goddess nurtures our creative spirit.


Restoring Balance 

When we acknowledge our own divinity and the masculine and feminine that dwell in our nature, we create true balance in our lives. Honoring the skills and qualities we consider female as equally as we honor the male brings us to a state of harmony.

We have ignored the Divine Feminine for too many years. We are ready to hear Her voice again and be re-awakened to Her infinite love.  It is time….time to remember.


“The Goddess awakens in our hearts before she awakens in the world.”
Marianne Williamson