Flowering Moon

Let Spirit & Intuition Guide You

Explore the Sacred

Listen to the wisdom of the Earth, activate your intuition and learn the ways of ceremony, ritual, poetry and prayer. I hold space for you to connect with Nature, the Divine Feminine and your own unique beauty.

You won't find pink sparkles or rainbow colored unicorns here. I offer you mastery, years of experience and the ability to give wise counsel. I help you explore spirituality in grounded, practical ways.

So...are you ready to get some magic flowing in your life? Do you want a deeper sense of wholeness and balance? Does your heart crave something more meaningful? You are in the right place.

Find Intuitive Solutions to Life's Challenges

Logic works, but not in every situation. Sometimes answers are rooted in the unseen, in the edges and shadows. Let me support you with the spiritual knowledge I’ve gathered over 30 years of travel, practice and study.

Banish the Blocks

Unravel unwanted patterns, release the past and move forward with ease.  

Love Your Life

Enjoy a real sense of freedom, joy and self-expression.  Be powerful! 

Find Community

Connect with others on the spiritual path.  Be heard and supported.

Classes, Retreats and Workshops

I love doing live events and classes however now I am offering more online options – specifically at my Patreon page. 

In my workshops, you can learn how to smudge and bless your home.  Live in sync with the moon phases and the Wheel of the Year.  Do ritual and Earth healing.  Discover the symbols of Divine Feminine and explore women’s sacred traditions.

Flowering Moon on Patreon

This is my home for online teaching and I’m creating a virtual library for you.   It  is a private and cozy online gathering space where you can explore all kinds of spiritual topics.  You’ll have access to me and get videos, classes, podcasts and more personal, behind the scenes content.  Come join me there!

Get in touch with the Sacred Feminine

I help you learn the secrets of the Divine Feminine.  Find out how she speaks to you, guides you and heals you.  Explore the ancient ways of women – sacred traditions, symbols, ritual and crafts – and weave these into your daily life in a way that brings you more power and passion.   I gently guide you to shed fears, blockages and cultural expectations to fully claim your feminine strengths. 

Receive Updates

Be the first to get updates about upcoming workshops or  online classes, new products and Ritual Kits.   Follow the Wheel of the Year with me and get behind the scenes views of my magical life.

I won’t swamp you with emails.  Your information is secure and will never be used elsewhere.   

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