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A Weekend with Flowering Moon: Everyday Ritual & Home Alchemy September 14 and 15, 2019

Weaving ritual and blessing ceremonies into everyday life is healing and supportive.  These ancient practices are still very much needed in the modern world…simple actions that shift energy, focus intention and make space for the sacred in your daily life.  Full day of training, lunch included. You have the option to take one day or both.  

Let’s create some magic together!

Heal and Transform

My classes, retreats and coaching sessions open new doorways for you to experience the sacred, listen to the wisdom of the Earth, activate your intuition and learn the ways of ceremony, ritual, poetry and prayer.

Find Intuitive Solutions to Life's Challenges

I can guide you to use intuition, spiritual practices and healing methods to remove barriers and create lasting breakthroughs.  Step into your power and get some real magic flowing! Move forward in life with more ease and a sense of balance and wholeness.

Unlock the Blocks

Unravel unwanted patterns and move forward with ease.  If you are ready to make big changes, I can help.

Clear the Energy

Balance and purify the energy of your home or office;  feel more nurtured, supported, comfortable and “at home”

Tap into Your Power

Expand your spiritual awareness.   Confidently rely on your talents, strength, intuition and self-expression

Classes, Retreats and Workshops

I love working with you live and in person!  I also have some online courses.

Learn how to smudge and bless your home.  Explore sacred women’s traditions.  Work with the movements the Earth – seasons, trees, herbs and animal spirits – or find out how the moon phases can help you be more productive and creative.  Or, you can experience a healing, transforming weekend with the Divine Feminine.

Get in touch with the Sacred Feminine.

Learn the secrets of the Divine Feminine.  Find out how she speaks to you, guides you and heals you.  Explore the ancient ways of women – sacred traditions, ritual and crafts – and weave these into your daily life in a way that brings you more power, prosperity and passion.   

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Be the first to get updates about my upcoming workshops, classes and other events.  I’ll also share about life in the Oak Openings, travel adventures, my books, artwork and new projects.

I won’t swamp you with emails.  Your information is secure and will never be used elsewhere.   

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